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SHL3 Spartan Hoplites (3mm)


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This pack of 3mm figures contains sixty strips of Spartan Hoplites. Each strip contains eight figures, there are no 'Command' or 'flag' stands for the Hoplites as they operated in city units rather than defined cohorts or other formations.

For players wishing to represent Command stands I would suggest putting a three man Command stand from the Greek Command pack behind groups of Hoplite strips.

There are however front rank strips. Spartan front rankers wore a transverse crest (running from ear to ear) on their helmets. There are options below for either one in six strips or one in three strips to be front rankers. One in three front rank strips allows for a wargames type phalanx, the one in six front rank strips allow for a deeper deployed phalanx. For those of you that want your Spartans only in Pilos there is also an option for a pack with no front rankers.

A Greek phalanx typically fought eight men deep. Over time, the Thebans deepened the phalanx until it was sixteen or thirty two men deep in places. The Phalanx was very effective against lightly armed troops but lacked the flexibility to deal with Roman Legions. Hoplites remained in use until the destruction of the Macedonian Successor kingdoms by the Romans, mostly as allied troops provided by various Greek cities.

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Date from -105
Date to -25