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SRA1 Republican Roman or Tarantine Cavalry (3mm)


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This pack of 3mm figures contains one hundred and twenty cavalry figures on two figure strips. Each sixth strip has a Standard bearer and each twelve figures are designed to represent a squadron or legionary cavalry contingent. Three or four squadrons can be used as an Alae or Cohort of auxiliary cavalry.

The figures can also be used as Tarantine type cavalry used by the Successor, Greek and Roman armies.

Roman cavalry tends to get a bad press. They came off distinctly the worse for wear in the Punic wars against Numidian and Carthaginian cavalry. It also found Gallic and Germanic cavalry difficult to deal with. In the end, the Romans increasingly used allied auxiliary cavalry and the old equites of Rome became foot soldiers. In reality, the Roman Cavalry was well trained and disciplined but lacking in numbers and mobility.

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Date from -300
Date to -25