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SRL2 Marian or Caesarian Legion (3mm)


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This pack of 3mm figures contains a complete Caesarian or Marian Roman Legion.

It consists of a Legion Command (one strip of 'bodyguard' one Eagle group and one mounted Legate) sixty six strips of Roman Legionnaires from the late Republic. Each strip contains eight figures and every six strips is designed to represent a cohort with one strip containing a Command group with Standard. Each 'cohort' is forty eight figures strong, apart from the Primus Cohort which is double strength and had ninety six figures, one Command strip and eleven Legionnaire strips. There are also twelve cavalry figures (on six strips of two each, one with a Standard) to represent the cavalry Alae attached to the Legion.

Following the Marian reforms, the Roman Legion was professionalised, drifting away from its roots of a citizen army. As such, the Legionnaires were equipped by the state with mail, pila and shield. The professionalisation of the Legions broke the link between soldiers and the Republic. They instead increasingly owed allegiance to their Generals and the promises of land that they offered. This process would eventually bring the end of the Republic and the start of the Empire.

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Date from -105
Date to -25