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Et sans Resultat! To Assure My Dynasty 1808 in Iberia


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Et Sans Resultat! is a set of Napoleonic table top wargames rules from The Wargaming Company LLC.

It is aimed at Corps level and above. While the smallest unit on the table is a battalion or squadron, combat and movement is resolved around the larger divisional organisation. This introduces greater elements of command and control (which make for much more interesting wargaming in my view) and encourages Commanders to worry more about reserves and the coherent deployment of divisions rather than the precise angle of deployment of a battalion in line. 

To Assure My Dynasty, 1808 in Iberia
Napoleon's entry into Spain is often used to mark the beginning of his empire's fall, however, the first campaigns of the French on the Iberian Peninsula were generally successful. The Uprising addresses France's initial incursions into Spain and Portugal after the populations rally against them. The slow pace of progress is the clear driver of The Emperor's Arrival, as Napoleon seeks to quickly defeat his ally-turned-opponent and quell the unrest.

This is our first title covering the Peninsular War and marks just the beginning of the Iberian adventure.

The opening contests of the Peninsular War pitted relatively small Forces against each other in fairly standup engagements.

These scenarios make for terrific two to four player battles that allow intermediate players a challenge.

Medina de Rióseco
Espinosa de los Monteros
Molins de Rei
Burgos o de Gamonal
La Coruña