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USA017 North American P-51A Mustang (1:285)


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This pack contains one North American P-51A Mustang.

The Mustang was the outstanding fighter of the US air force in World War 2. The initial design (put forward in response to a British request for a new fighter specification) was not promising with an under-powered engine providing limited performance. It was not until the British put a Rolls Royce engine into the Mustang that its true potential was understood. With the right engine and high octane petrol its mixture of long range, high speed, good manoeuvrability and heavy armament made it an extremely effective aircraft.

It was the ability to take the fight deep into Germany where orders to attack the Luftwaffe on all occasions were issued, that resulted in the collapse of German aviation and allowed the bombing campaign to destroy industry from the air.

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Date from 1943
Date to 1960