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VVV20 Roman Racing Chariot (15mm)


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We get lots of requests for a Roman racing chariot and so have put this code together for you.

This pack contains a single Roman racing chariot. It is designed as a four-horse chariot but can be used as a two-horse chariot by shortening the yoke. Horses with some saddle cloth are included to allow for the famous Roman teams based on 'colours' (go Greens). The decoration on top of the horses' heads could be removed if required.

The chariot is based on the round Assyrian chariot from the EAS range (EAS17). The horses are taken from ASS1 (ACH7 horse). Two driver options are provided, one in tunic from CAR16 and one in 'armour' from LAC7.

Additional Information

Date from -25
Date to 284
Rule System Fields of Glory