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(28mm) ZA601 Renewable Energy in the Post-Zombie Apocalypse World



As humanity begins to pull itself back up on it's feet, recovering from the great crisis of the living dead, energy generation will become an increasingly serious problem.

Some people have come up with innovative new forms of renewable energy in the post-zombie apocalypse world using the single minded nature of the living dead to power treadmills, and from them, generators. All you need is some fresh(ish) meat and a brain-dead corpse; just make sure the meat is always in front of them and always just out of reach.

This pack contains all you need to power a single household complete with zombie wheel, meat stick and your very own shambler. It does require sticking together (the wheel not the shamble, never use glue on a zombie, string is much easier).

Warning! Zombies are known to be a risk to health in the State of California. Anywhere else in the world EXTREME WARNING, Zombies bite! Keep them in the wheel at all times and never put your hands in the working parts.

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Zombie wheel