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New X Wing in

New X Wing in

New toys - VT-49 Decimator and YT-2400 Freighter in stock now.

New JR Miniatures terrain

New JR Miniatures terrain

Just the thing for compliemting your Star Wars X-wing games.......

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Novus Design buildings & accessories - 03/10/2014

Novus Design buildings & accessories

We’re now stocking a new range, Novus Design Studio buildings and accessories from the States. You may recognise the style as the designers are indeed Robert & Nancy who used to run JR Miniatures. 

The range is mainly 15/20 mm ruined buildings in a similar style to the popular Stalingrad range of JR. The airfield control tower, is rather splendid and in 28 mm there’s a selection of space frontier town buildings and some great accessories. Enjoy! 

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Welcome to our new website - 14/03/2014

Welcome to our new website

We've had an upgrade to our Search Box and it is now combining terms and bringing back only hits that contain all terms, making much more specific searches. If you know the Product Code you want or are searching for 'Panzer', using the search box will be the fastest way to search the site.

Our website also allows you to find the products we have in any given area by searching using the green buttons;


Historical Period / Scale / Type / Rule System / Manufacturer
Next, use the tick filters down the left hand side of the page to narrow down your search.

Ordering is quick and easy. If you register, your future orders can be placed even faster and you can even have them sent to different addresses.


Happy browsing!

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