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We have a huge range of ships from Hallmark in 1:6000 and 1:1200, GHQ in 1:2400, floating aircraft and deck cargo from Cap Aero and 617 Sqn. in 1:1200 and even a Mycenean galley in 15mm.

The miniature ships cover Biblical, Medieval, Renaissance, Age of Reason, Revolutionary War, Napoleonic Wars, Age of Rifles, World War 1, World War 2, modern, fantasy and science fiction.

Broadly they cover; Aircraft Carrier, Amphibious Ship, Anchored, Armoured Cruiser, Anti Submarine, ASW Frigate, Battlecruiser
Battleship, Caravel, Carrack, Coastal Merchant, Corvette or Patrol Craft, Crompster, Cruiser, Deck Cargo, Destroyer, dreadnought, Escort Frigate, Fleet Pack, Frigate, Galleass, Galleon, Galley, Great Ship, Ironclad, Landing Craft, Landing Ship, Light Cruiser, Liner, Merchant Ship, Missile Cruiser, Missile Destroyer, Missile Frigate, Minesweeper, Planned Ships not Actually Built, Pre Dreadnought Battleship, Pre Dreadnought, Pinnace, Sail Powered Ship, Seaplane Carrier, Ship of the Line, Small Ship
Smaller Ship, Submarine, Torpedo Boat, Underway Replenishment Ship, Urca and everything under the sci fi sun.