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The 1:6000 Figurehead ship range from Hallmark consists of Pre Dreadnought, Russo Japanese War, First World War (WW1), Second World War (WW2) and Modern ships. Ships are supplied with their own base, for light cruisers, heavy cruisers, battleships, dreadnoughts, escort carriers, light carriers, fleet aircraft carriers and merchant ships are cast separate to the base. Destroyers and submarines are cast on their base, some motor torpedo boats are cast with two boats to a base.

1:6000 is ideal for re-fighting large battles. The ship scale allows for much more realistic ranges and for ships to be deployed with accurate distances between ships in a squadron which makes manoeuvre more realistic and allows the threat of collision to be used. You can even wargame battles like Jutland in 1:6000, although that does require a living room floor rather than a table top.