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Trade Show Pre-Ordering

Will Magister Militum be in my area?

No, not until our ranges find new homes with new owners! We will annouce news on Facebook and by newsletter as and when that happens.

For now, what you can see on line is all stock controlled, so please order online - when it's gone it's gone. We are posting out once a week going forward.

Trade Show ordering

From our Trade Shows link near the top of the Homepage you can find out about the shows we will be attending and from there you can log in to your account and send us a Pre-order for some or all of the items you have been collecting in your Wish List. It is no problem to add another Pre-order if you've forgotten something from the first one. You can then pay on the day by cash or payment card.

Why not pre-order, better safe than sorry!

Pre-ordering is a great idea for three reasons, firstly because it bypasses having to pay postage by placing an actual order and then later refunding it. Secondly, we have such a large range we can't bring it all to every show. For example, 28mm ancients rarely get an outing now, GHQ buildings and hexes, neither does Battleground Buildings & Scenery but we can bring/cast up any item if you let us know in advance. Finally, you get a copy of your pre-order by email all totalled up.

N.B. if you would like to order Battleground products, please give us two weeks warning if at all possible, four working days minimum. Thank you!

What if I don't make it to the show?

Don't worry, we will get in touch after the show and arrange to post your goods to you. It's not a problem.

What if I need to add to my other pre-order?

No problem, please send in the list of just the extra items you want. We will already have your orginal pre-order made and will combine them when we package them for the show.