Trade Shows

We welcome pre-orders for Trade Shows as soon as we have the date. We value a few days notice to get your order ready as we prepare for the show.

Battleground buildings and scenery in particular we ask for four working days notice please, as we set off the day before a show in order to unload and set up.

When you have added your items to your Wish List and are ready to pre-order, click on the particular Trade Show location you wish to collect and pay for your goods at. 

You will still be able to edit your final list before sending it in.

‘Like’ us on Facebook for all the latest news as it happens. You can check out the latest and previous photo albums for each Trade Show here 

August, CLAYMORE, Edinburgh

The biggest show in Scotland and a gem of a show held in Edinburgh College (formerly known as Telford College). There are two large rooms of traders and a large bring and buy at this show.

Please be aware if you are pre-ordering for this show that we will do our best to fulfil your order but we are away for a few days before hand.

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August, BRITCON, Manchester

This is predominantly a competition show where you will see competitors pitching their wits and armies against each other in a bid to win, but it is also growing in popularity as a show in its own right because of the selection of traders which attend. Held in the Barnes Wallis area of the University of Manchester.

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August, UK Games Expo, Birmingham

We're going to be at UK Games Expo at the National Exihibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham.

This is a huge show showcasing board games. It's as busy as Salute! We take a very different stock to this show so if you are after figures, it is essential to pre-order.

If you are after board games it would be wise to pre-order say a month before hand especially if iti s a hard to get title.

See you there!

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November, WARFARE, Ascot

Held at Ascot Race Course, this is one of the last shows of the year. It's an opportunity to get your Christmas survival projects lined up or even a present from Santa lined up!

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April, SALUTE, ExCel Exhibition Centre, London

Postponed for 2020 owing to COVID-19, we'll meet again in 2021. Same time same place!

This is the biggest trade show of the year held at the ExCel Centre in Docklands, London, E16 1XL. All hands on deck for the big one!

Please get your pre-orders in as soon as possible, so we have time to get stock in or cast your products in advance of the show. Thank you and see you there.


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