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Scale guide

Wargaming takes place in scales or ratios; these descibe the size of the figures/aircraft/ships etc.

When referring to human figures, the measurement is taken from foot to eye in millimetres because a hat can make a big difference!

When referring to ships or tanks etc. a ratio is used to express the scale.


  • 3mm is eqivalent to 1:600
  • 6mm is equivalent to 1:285
  • 10mm is equivalent to 1:160, Japanese & American 'N' gauge
  • 12mm is equivalent to 1:144, European 'N' gauge
  • 15mm is equivalent to 1:100
  • 20mm is equivalent to 1:72, 'O' gauge
  • 25/28mm* is equivalent to 1:56. Over the years scale creep has occurred and what started off as 25mm has tended towards 28mm. 28mm Heroic are even bigger still.
  • 32mm is equivalent to 1:48 which features in Baueda WWII
  • 54mm is equivalent to 1:35 for which we have some foliage and basing material accessories
  • 1:1200 & 1:1250 are basically the same thing; a ship collecting scale with aircraft are available to go with it
  • 1:6000 a good scale for large fleet actions, works on a table top in a way other scales would require a school hall!