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Painting Guide


Wargaming figures can contain sharp bits, so be aware of this when handling and assembling them. Ventilate the room well when using superglue or other adhesives to assemble miniatures.

Magister Militum miniatures are made from a pewter alloy or in some cases tin alloy. We advise hand-washing after handling unpainted miniatures, especially before having something to eat!

Wargaming figures are usually supplied 'in the metal' i.e. unpainted, unassembled and possiblly requiring a small amount of clipping or filing, known in the business as 'cleaning up'.



Once cleaned up and glued/assembled, the figures are ready for an undercoat, usually white or black according to your preference or perhaps the final colour scheme. This can be applied by hand or by using a spray paint or an airbrush in a well ventilated area.

Once the undercoat is dry you are ready to start applying colours. Some people find batch applying a colour to a large number of figures saves them time, a production line approach. So for instance, you may paint all the trousers in one colour, then all the footwear etc. You may then choose to enhance with layers of the same or similar colours and possibly a dry brushing of a highlight colour, or if appropriate an ink wash of a darker colour.

Figures are then based on plastic or magnetic bases and a suitable flock and modelling grasses applied. You can make the bases as detailed as you like with small stones and grass tufts, or even making a full on diorama!

That's it, you're ready for some gaming!