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FUG601 Ogres riding on Woolly Rhinoceros x3 (10mm)


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This pack contains three Ogres riding on woolly rhinoceros (Coelodonta to be specific).

One of the few troops who are known not to run in fear when faced with Ogres riding horned brutes are the Halflings. The woolly rhino is considered by the Halfings to be one of the ultimate culinary delights but the woolly rhino are normally far too cautious to allow themselves to be caught. The chance to get hold of one - at any cost - has been known to drive the normally peaceful Halflings wild with culinary desire.

There has only been one attempt in the history of fantasy warfare to create a set of international rules of fair play in war, that was aimed at preventing ogres from using any form of cavalry as 'theyre use doeth not allowee for the survivale of truupes charged from woundes but instead squasheth them unto death'. Unfortunately it turned out that Ogres don't read proclamations and tend to ignore rules.

There is no way around it, Ogres are large, slow and dumb (woe betide you if you tell them that to their faces). On the flip side they are strong, vicious and hard to despatch.