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G605 Siebel Ferry Flack AA (1:285)


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This pack contains a single Siebel Ferry transport converted for anti-aircraft operations.

Originally designed as a seagoing landing craft for Operation Sealion and probably fortunately (for the troops that would have been on board) never tested in the channel. Following the cancellation of the operation, the ferries saw widespread service in the Mediterranean, Aegean and Black Seas and Lake Lagoda.

The modular construction of the ferry made them easily transportable and highly resistant to damage. Approximately 400 were produced during the course of the war, some were fitted with 88mm anti aircraft guns to provide AA support during amphibious operations.

The assembled model measures about 3.25" long, 2" wide and .625" tall. Based on the SB40 transport ferry, it was envisioned as an escort and fire-support vessel. To fulfill this role three 88mm Flak36 were mounted on the main deck and two 20mm Flak38 in raised platforms.

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Date from 1939
Date to 1945